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Dear One,

 You are here because you are curious about this coaching thing and want to know a little bit more about it. Your normal everyday routine leave you wanting more for your life. You feel called to a bigger vision but you need some direction. You feel time is passing too quick and feel an urgency to accomplish meaningful work.  If any of these apply to you, you're in the right place. I'm  Rebekah, proud cancer survivor survivor mom, Licensed Professional Counselor, Published Author, Public Speaker and Life Coach who wants to see you accomplish unimaginable feats. 

I have that special blend of of formal education, life experience, Type-A ambition, and personal coaching process that compels you to achieve your goals.  But let's ignore credentials for a moment, because what I want you to know is....YOU ARE THE ONE that initiates personal transformation, not me. 

I can be your guide: you're the real changemaker.  What you need already exists inside of you. I just help you unearth it.  Can't wait to work with you!


            Rebekah Wolff 


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Bring your Destiny into Reality....

Life Coaching For You?

You’ve clicked over here because you’re looking for a life coach with real heart who can guide you toward a richer life experience.  Let me tell you though, that your transformation has little to do with any coach and everything to do with you. You’re the expert of your life and the possibilities for it are unlimited.  This journey to a blessed life isn’t as obscure as it seems, either.  It just takes a little coaxing, a little support from someone who knows how to direct you to the right path and help you rediscover the power inside of you.  That’s the part I happen to be really good at.  I just need full effort from your part to make it work. 


You see, I have some notable CREDENTIALS on my resume….


1. A Bachelor's degree in Sociology from UW-Oshkosh.

2. A Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Concordia University.

3. A few years of clinical counseling experience for children, adults, and families.

4. A a published writer, established public speaker, and social media vlogger. 

5. A volunteer for various cancer, adoption,  fundraiser, women, and mental health support groups.


 I am a licensed therapist, a 11+ year breast cancer survivor, a mom, and a driven workaholic.


 My signature style is a unique set of life and professional experiences that allow me to connect with other women in a deeply enriched way.  I have a deep understanding of the human psyche and human level of service which differentiates me.  Honestly though, I feel weird talking about myself because I’m not on this earth to serve myself.  I see a bigger vision of service and connection.  There’s something inside of me that simply wants to make people happy. I want to lift you up.  I want YOU to achieve your purpose for being on this earth.

"I was so impressed with Rebekah and my ability to connect with her. I could see she genuinely cared during a difficult time in my life. Her life coaching program inspired me to take care of myself. I have trusted her fully and can tell you in a short amount of time (three weeks) she has helped tremendously with my anxiety and have taught me several coping mechanisms. I like her so much I just signed my daughter up! If you are looking to take the next step in your life and cut out negativity, she is your girl!"

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"Rebekah is so down to earth, intelligent, and extremely intuitive.  She is a caring listener.  In a short time, she has helped me realize how my own thinking holds me back and has given me several strategies to conquer that.  I am so excited to keep working with her!"

"Having Rebekah as a coach to check in with me has been especially, wonderful in an overwhelming time. I have faced hardship in losing income and losing a loved one with little support.  Rebekah is very encouraging, she helps you figure out how to move beyond the next challenge to reach your goals.  She cares about your success and goes above the call of duty. I'd highly recommend her. " 

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